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The Dentist Locally is one of the premier information resources for finding your own local Dentist Company in the UK.

Dentist Locally is your essential online search partner for your particular dental needs whether you are looking for general dentistry practitioners or various specialists in the field. This is your premiere guide to the latest information and links on your local dentists and other related dental services in the UK.

Any dental service you may require is easier to find here at Dentist Locally. Apart from general dentistry professionals, we have listed specialists including endodontists, orthodontists, periodontists, and pediatric dentists as well as prosthodontists who are the foremost reconstructive or cosmetic dentists in the industry.

Learn more about the various services offered by your local dental health provider. From dental cleaning to tooth extractions, braces and teeth implants, you can find the leading professionals in the UK who can do the job and help keep you smiling at your best.

Latest Reviews
Martin Piekara

I had always been ashamed of my teeth but after several procedures from Dr. Martin Piekra, I want to smile all the time! Friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices!

I had no idea how beautiful life can be, when I can smile confidently without embarrassment! Thanks to Confidental I feel great, so I recommend them because they...
Villa Dental Suite

Villa Dental Suite, thank you for the pretty white smile, thank you for the new image and self-confidence, thank you for all the good things that happened to me ...

Dana has the best crew, leaded by the most qualified, wonderful and competent people. For a very reasonable price,I had the very best treatment. Highly recommend!
Time Dental

I am really pleased with the professional attitude and efficiency of the job performed there. I visited that place for a couple of teeth-whitening procedures and...
Puresmile Dental Care

After many years of having a denture as a result of loosing 2 teeth, I decided to go to the Puresmile Dental Care to see if an implant was possible. After a cons...
Jane Moore Jem Dental care

There you can find the best crew, and it's leaded by the most qualified, wonderful and competent people. For a very reasonable price, I had the very best treatme...
Brown G D

Brilliant dentist, very caring, I would recommend him.
Johnston A I

Made contact for first time and was impressed with the speed at which my request was dealt and a booking made.
Puresmile Dental Care

Dr Ali certainly made me feel safe and on the basis of this one session, I would highly recommend him and his surgery.

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