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Latest Reviews
Martin Piekara
Stella 1317883657

I had always been ashamed of my teeth but after several procedures from Dr. Martin Piekra, I want to smile all the time! Friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices!
Jose 1317715805

I had no idea how beautiful life can be, when I can smile confidently without embarrassment! Thanks to Confidental I feel great, so I recommend them because they are perfect specialists capable of miracles!
Villa Dental Suite
S. J. 1317712423

Villa Dental Suite, thank you for the pretty white smile, thank you for the new image and self-confidence, thank you for all the good things that happened to me because of my new look!
Cloe 1317035647

Dana has the best crew, leaded by the most qualified, wonderful and competent people. For a very reasonable price,I had the very best treatment. Highly recommend!
Time Dental
Sam 1315836376

I am really pleased with the professional attitude and efficiency of the job performed there. I visited that place for a couple of teeth-whitening procedures and the results are great. Highly recommend!
Puresmile Dental Care
George 1315829607

After many years of having a denture as a result of loosing 2 teeth, I decided to go to the Puresmile Dental Care to see if an implant was possible. After a consultation and investigation, I eventually received an estimate for 2 implants and crowns. I was surprised as it was more affordable than I expected and the results were even beyond my expectations. Highly recommend!
Jane Moore Jem Dental care
Gordon 1315826827

There you can find the best crew, and it's leaded by the most qualified, wonderful and competent people. For a very reasonable price, I had the very best treatment. Highly recommend!
Brown G D
pj 1313918742

Brilliant dentist, very caring, I would recommend him.
Johnston A I

Made contact for first time and was impressed with the speed at which my request was dealt and a booking made.
Puresmile Dental Care
emily cass 1295720289

Dr Ali certainly made me feel safe and on the basis of this one session, I would highly recommend him and his surgery.
Puresmile Dental Care
Amal Hirani 1295720191

I rarely write reviews but I felt compelled to do so in this case. If I could have scored the practice above 10 I would have. A state of the art surgery, the treatment is great and and Dr Karim Ali really does listen to you which makes you 100% comfortable with the treatment. At long last I have found an excellent dentist!!
Bridgwater Dental Centre
Ian 1293804313

Not being a fan of any Dentist, Adp Bridgwater gave me an appointment for later that day,as I was in such pain. I saw the dentist available,he was good and did a temporary filling,and advised me to see my own dentist, for root canal,or Extraction. We decided on extraction, which was painless, she was brilliant, I will not think twice about going to B.B. for treatment again. The reception staff were helpful. Thank you.
Georgeson Martin P
Clive Farrington 1290529042

Better to Call in and speak to the staff personally they go out of their way to assist you.
Tolefe L E
Lewis Ikedozie 1289855984

I went to have a white porcelain crown fitted after my back tooth was partially cracked. Dr Tolefe was very reassuring about the whole process and did all he could to ensure I received little pain. After three trips my crown was in and it felt like I never had cracked it in the first place. Told my mate about him and after his first visit he swears by him travelling from miles around just to be seen by him.
Georgeson Martin P
Clive Farrington 1289411370

Attempted to make an appointment with this dentist. receptionist was a complete waste of time didn't seem interested at all
Adp Dental Care
pennie 1288285764

Had tooth problems, went to see dentist and he was rude, offensive and not polite at all, will not be going back to have tooth taken out, will be finding another dentist who can be nice and understanding.
Abbey Dental Practice
Carr 1288004318

Rotating dental surgery - you'll probably never see the same dentist twice and the work they did won't last much longer. Two crowns sat in a jar at home (result of Abbey Dental Practice)
M A Duberia
Jane Jones 1286883214

Dr Duberia is an amazing dentist and I trust him completely. He is extremely gentle and has never hurt me - which is the main thing.
Abbey Dental Practice
indoorplant 1285279241

What a terrible experience I had with them. Had a crown done, but it didn't fit. Dentist suggested to amend my intact tooth in order to make the crown fit in. I am left the ill-fitted crown and I did not agree to amend the other tooth.
St Clements Dental Care
Anne Lim 1284660366

The one star is for their lack of transparency in charges. They claim to accept NHS patients but they will charge you private prices without telling you. They also take money in advance of treatment. If you change your mind and do not wish to proceed because of the cost, you will then have the unpleasant task of trying to get your money back.

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